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Finally. I got to write.

This took me more than two years to write. To sum up the first year, I wanted to start a blog on my life as a musical theatre student here in New York. But, life got in the way and I got busy. What an amazing journey that was. The first year at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy was great. AMDA's conservatory course was developed to help post graduates or already working professional to increase their performing potential.

I spent four semesters at AMDA. I took advantage of all the things I can absorb and learned from the criticisms that came along the way. As our teachers would say, enjoy the process. And so, I did. It was definitely a roller coaster ride balancing personal life and student life, but I am happy to say I succeeded. Having people around to support and inspire definitely helped me strive for the best.

The end of third semester I was fortunate enough to be part of the demo. I did not make it to the final demo, but having experienced it was enough to say, I did learn things and that I'm doing right things. The fourth semester started, off to auditions we go in the morning, and classes and rehearsals at night. It was one heck of a ride, but it was exciting. Waking up early in winter was a pain, but getting seen by the panelists in the room was always the cookie! Every audition I've been to: Miss Saigon, Regional theatre companies, tours, The King and I, Theater Festivals, cabarets, to name a few thought me something to live by. Learning how to look better but be yourself at the same time, having to learn the song better, or questions like, why didn't I get the callback? Made me learn so many things. Of course, there were so many things I wanted to write about left my brain, but the lessons from those experiences are embedded in me.

Fourth semester ended, here goes adulting in New York. Wow, that was hard. I guess this is what I wished for back when I was seeking for myself in Singapore. The struggle is real, but having great people who are always there helps you keep up and live. On to living and learning and exploring things. Fingers crossed.

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